About us

We have known the Quinta Velha for over a hundred years.

Following the production of wine and olive oil, the very first Azeitão cheeses made from sheep''s milk were made on the quinta (farm), and from these simple beginnings, Azeitão cheese firmly established itself and became part of the local rural industry which in consequence, also helped protect the traditional local breed of sheep called "Saloia". from extinction and therefore integrating a new artesenal skill into the unique landscape of the protected Arrabida National Park. This brought together an unusual correlation of people and a shared patrimony that is still recognized today as "Quinta Velha - Queijeira" This patrimony includes a heritage of regional Portuguese values that we are preserving in order to be able to share this wonderful space with everyone.

We have revitalised the property, and in this new phase have defined an integrated strategy that conserves the historic and cultural values that already existed and maintained them in all our activities - tourism, cultural, education and recreation. As in the past, we continue to receive visits from students and tourists, and we are convinced that by opening Quinta Velha to the public once more, by preserving the ecological, social and cultural patrimony of our area we can help contribute to the construction of new ways of thinking and quality of life.

We plan to offer educational and cultural events that will revitalize tourism and permit our visitors to benefit from the many attractions on offer and permit them to share this small piece of individual history and help maintain its place in our regional heritage which, after all, belongs to us all.

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